Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 02:29
Portfolio website is live!
Finally I have my own personal website to showcase some works.
Feel free to visit

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 15 September 2016, 21:29
Storm King's Thunder

Another humble contribution done earlier this year for D&D Storm King's Thunder.
©2016 Wizards of the Coast
Art Director: Kate Irwin

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Thursday, 12 May 2016, 07:00
Back after a while

Personal sketch

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Sunday, 9 August 2015, 02:28
Fantasy Flight Games & Personal work update

Another one done for FFG last year and..

..since I haven't posted any personal work for a while. Here you go!

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, 02:23
Lord of the Rings: Voice of Isengard
First oil approach for FFG commission. It's a fun process and will be doing more oils soon!

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 04:41
Dota 2 workshop: Kerbau the water buffalo courier
Finally after spending months with my wife (who is an awesome 3D artist), we managed to get this courier done and submitted to steam workshop. Kindly check out the link here and thanks all for the vote and support. Modeling and technical solution are done by wifey, while the texture and art direction are by me. Rigging by Lee and all the animation are done by another brilliant friend of ours, Nikky.

Here are some progression images.

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Monday, 8 December 2014, 06:46
Dungeon's Master Guide: 5th Edition

Finally they have been released. Works for Dungeons Master Guide: 5th Edition.
Art Directors: Kate Irwin and Jon Schindehette

©2014 Wizards of the Coast. All rights reserved.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014, 17:18

Some personal practice. It's been a while.

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Monday, 6 October 2014, 21:14
Fantasy Flight Games

Warhammer 40000: Dark Heresy core book.
©2014 Games Workshop | Fantasy Flight Games.

Warhammer 40000: Conquest. LCG.
©2014 Games Workshop | Fantasy Flight Games.

Finally there are out, probably done for more than a year ago.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014, 17:30
Calling Stone Remnants

*Edited: Wallpaper version. Dota 2 loading screen submission.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014, 18:01
D&D Next: 5th Edition

One of my image in the DnD 5th edition Player's Handbook

©2014 Wizards of the Coast 
Art Directors: Kate Irwin and Jon Schindehette

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Thursday, 21 August 2014, 07:14
30 mins speed painting
Theme: Orange geisha

Theme: Orcish shaman

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Monday, 19 May 2014, 02:27
Reign of Dragons

Some work for Lik Studios Reign of Dragons last year.


Monday, 28 April 2014, 03:21
Speed Environment

It's been a while I did some personal speed environment painting. Approx one and a half hours.

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Friday, 18 April 2014, 07:49

Some Third person theme.

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Monday, 17 March 2014, 20:36

Scrap metal town.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014, 22:38
Desert paintings

Some desert theme paintings. Hope you like them.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014, 22:20
Environment quickie

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Saturday, 2 November 2013, 22:00
Fantasy Flight Games
These are some images I did for Fantasy Flight Games since last year and beginning of the year.

Call of Cthulhu Gen Con 2013 Althernate Art | © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games.

Warhammer Invasion - Contested Village alternate art | © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games.

Lord of the Rings - The Black Riders. WeatherHills | © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013, 08:28
Game City concept

These are concept and pre-vis drawings that would be first collaboration with my girlfriend(3D modeller - check out her work here!). We are planning to turn the concept into 3D environment with some effects and hopefully will be able to match closely to the concept.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 07:02

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Saturday, 24 August 2013, 07:55
Snow Queen Spirit

Another fantasy theme.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013, 04:08
Fantasy Art

*Updated* Fantasy Art theme.

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Friday, 24 May 2013, 08:55
Character Concept

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Saturday, 20 April 2013, 20:54
Personal random building

Piece 1: Personal random lost cathedral. I think I have to improve on using the same old compo.. hmm.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013, 07:51

Personal random stuff.

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